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1) Move every two hours. Go for a walk, do a set of mindful pushups, play with dogs, children, and friends. Do this daily, without exception. When ill, just stretch and breath deeply, when feeling good, do something more strenuous.

2) Don’t eat processed foods. Ever. For any reason. This way, when you must, in an airplane, at grandma’s, etc., it will be the only time you eat this woefully legal, addictive poison.

3) Perform mindful breathing. Stand and breathe deeply, not forcefully. Try tai chi and qigong. Do this at least once a day for five minutes or more. A discipline like this will make you better at doing all the things you love. Discipline is most certainly not a four letter word!

4) Once a day or more, think of things about which you are grateful and say a silent thank you for them.

5) Get acupuncture before a problem gets really bad, be it pain or stress, or GI discomfort. It is always best to deal with something when it is still small.

6) Have a nice day!

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